Fitness 360: Kendall Lou Schmidt, Model Instructor -

Kendall Lou Schmidt isn’t content to be fit. This bikini competitor and fitness model shares the fit life with everyone she comes in contact with as a group fitness instructor!

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Kendall Lou Schmidt didn’t grow up dreaming about a career in fitness. She says it all happened by chance, while she was paying more attention to school and sports. But in a short time, she has blossomed into a fitness model, personal trainer, and athlete, all while working during the day as a group-fitness instructor.

Schmidt started out following Tae Bo videos in her bedroom at age 12, dancing and kicking along with Billy Blanks. Then everything changed when she threw herself into a prep water polo team as a teenager. She started lifting weights and doing off-season conditioning to prepare for the season, and loved how it paid off the more seriously she—and everyone around her—took it.

“We devoted hours of our days to this team environment,” Schmidt says. “I became conditioned with this group-exercise feeling.”

Many have felt that initial athletic thrill in their teen years like she did, only to watch it flicker and die. Not Schmidt. She just had to find for a new way to light the fire…

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