Fitness Model Back Workout | Nikki Walter

Has your backside fallen behind? Time to play catch-up. Build a strong, balanced back in only 30 minutes with this video workout from fitness model Nikki Walter!
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Back workouts aren’t my favorite. In fact, exercises that target my lats, traps, and delts are often at the bottom of my list, but it’s critical to train your back from an athletic and aesthetic standpoint. After all, all show and no go gets you nowhere! Training your back brings the stability you need to stay balanced, strong, and beautiful.

Today’s workout comprises three supersets. The goal is to get through every exercise with great technique and intense effort, pushing yourself along the way. This workout is perfect if you’re in a time crunch—it should only take you 30 minutes! I recommend adding it to your routine once a week.

While this routine may challenge you initially, you’ll eventually want to increase the resistance. Once you’re familiar with the routine, bump the weight up by 5 pounds each successive week, and work for your model back!


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