Fitness Motivation (YOUR WAKEUP CALL!)

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Need a little fitness motivation today? You’re about to get it in just 7 minutes of stone cold truth. You see, far too many people rely on three words to get them committed to starting what should have been started yesterday…and those are Happy New Year. Each year, people wait until the first of January to find that extra push needed to get them to dedicate to fitness and making a change in their body. Why is that? What happens three weeks later when the new year is no longer fresh in their minds and the resolutions have long since been given up?

In this fitness motivation video I show you why relying on external stimuli instead of an innate drive to improve is a recipe for failure. Looking in the mirror every day and not liking what you see staring back at you should be enough motivation to change your habits starting today. As I mention, if you had a nail sticking in your foot that was causing pain and discomfort, you would remove it right away wouldn’t you. Like in the next couple of seconds! Well, how come when something pains you emotionally, you let it linger and push off the solution for days, weeks, years or maybe even forever?

If you want to change your body you must realize that it is going to take work. It’s not complicated but it isn’t easy either. You didn’t get to the condition you were in overnight and it’s not going to take a night to fix it. That said, starting on your change is the most important (and the only thing) you can do today. You cannot overcome all wrongs in a day, but you can overcome the sin of not starting by taking action today.

It doesn’t matter when you wind up watching this video. You can see it on January 1st or June 1st and it should resonate with you if you aren’t in the shape you want to be in. Starting a fitness program and finding the motivation to do so doesn’t require a special appointment or a certain date. It just requires you to dig deep within and find that one spark needed to commit to a change.

Stop fearing what that change may mean for you. Stop looking for all of the potential self imposed roadblocks to set up to explain your failure if you decide to give in. Stop fearing what others will think of you because of your new found commitment to making a change. Stop putting off until tomorrow what your healthy and able body is willing to let you attempt today. Start making a commitment to your fitness and getting athlean, starting today.

For a complete workout program that lets me coach you to your best shape ever, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Let this be your wake up call to changing the direction your headed to the direction you should have been in for years.

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