FOOTBALL WORKOUT - The Superbowl Blitz Workout II

The ATHLEAN-X Training System:

The requests for football workouts come in all the time, so I figured what better time to put together a killer football workout than now…with Superbowl Sunday just a day away. With the game set to hinge on who is better able to cover the wide receivers (or tight ends in the Patriots case), I put together an ATHLEAN Burst conditioning workout using the elast-X workout bands that is sure to leave your legs burning and your heart pounding – The Superbowl Blitz Workout!

Football workouts require equal parts strength, mobility, flexibility, quickness, explosiveness and speed. This football workout does all of the above and proves to be a super agility challenge as well.

Whether you are a defensive back trying to get quicker or just a guy off the couch who has always dreamed of having a ripped, muscular, athletic body like the football players you will see on Superbowl Sunday, you’ll definitely want to give this football workout a try.

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Start training like a pro athlete with the same program used by today’s elite pro athletes – the ATHLEAN-X Workout Program.

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