Forearm Workout Challenge (FOREARM STRENGTH REQUIRED!)

This is one insane forearm workout challenge!

The forearms are muscles that are used all day long in almost every activity we do. Because of this, when working them out, we have to subject them to challenges that they are not used to in order to get them to respond and grow.

In this video, Jeff Cavaliere was challenged to work his way across the dreaded lateral peg board to see if he really had the forearm and bicep strength that was needed to do so. As is his nature, he did not back down from the challenge and instead put his forearms through this torturous workout to see if he could beat the burn and make it all the way across.

This insane challenge puts your forearms and arms through one heck of an intense workout and requires equal parts strength and muscle stamina. In order to make it through, you have to be strong enough to essentially lift your bodyweight with one arm so that you can unweight the other arm enough to remove the peg from the hole and then place it in the next hole down the board.

This act of lifting the bodyweight up places an intense demand on the forearms and creates one of the most intense forearm, bicep and overall arm and back workouts that you can ever imagine. The fact that there is a challenge behind this makes it that much more intense.

The fact is, in the ATHLEAN-X Training System, challenges are a significant part of the workout. Why? Because when people are challenged to do better, they perform better. This is because the body is capable of much more than what you ask of it, and when called out, the muscles can exceed your wildest expectations.

Now you may not have access to a peg board or have perhaps never performed a peg board workout. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your forearms and arms are very powerful muscle groups that respond best to high intensity training. If you want to get bigger forearms and want to see faster results, then you really need to start incorporating these high intensity workouts right away.

For a complete workout program that incorporates more than just cool forearm exercises and other exercises to get bigger arms, be sure to head to to check out the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

For more forearm workouts and overall strength and conditioning challenges, feel free to check out our other videos on our channel at

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