Front Squats Mobility Problems (FIXED!!)

Fix your joint mobility issues and train at your best here…

The front squat is one of the toughest leg exercises to master, mostly because of the mobility it requires for you to perform it correctly. While the hips, knees and lower back are certainly areas that you will need to have adequate mobility and flexibility in to perform this lower body exercise, you’re also going to need proper wrist mobility if you are going to do this right.

In this video, I show you how to work around wrist extension mobility issues to perform front squats. First, I show you a wrist mobility drill that you can do with no equipment at all before attempting your front squat exercise or even cleans. The link for this is included in the upper left corner of the screen when it is mentioned.

If you are not able to fix your front squat mobility problems with that tip however, it may be because your joint mobility issues are more chronic and mechanical. If this is the case, then you will need a way to train around this since you will not be able to fix the structural block present in your wrists. Enter wrist straps.

You can use wrist straps attached to the olympic bar to allow you to extend the range of motion you have in your wrists and also keep them in a neutral position. This modified wrist position is much more comfortable and will let you do the front squats for the first time, if wrist extension immobility was preventing you from doing it in the past.

Try this quick front squat tip if you ever wondered how to do front squats with tight wrists and you’ll see a quick and almost immediate difference. If you want a complete workout program that gives you the best tips for building muscle fast (regardless of your mobility issues and limitations) designed by a pro physical therapist, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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