FST-7 Calves Workout with 4x Physique Olympia Jeremy Buendia & Hany Rambod | FST-7: Big and Ripped

Get bigger calves by applying these FST-7 training concepts from Hany Rambod & Jeremy Buendia’s FST-7 to your next calf workout.
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| Essentials for Bigger Calves |
– Don’t bother with supersets for calves. Just pick a single move and hit it hard. For FST-7 work, Hany says you can’t beat the standing calf raise.

– Calves can handle a boatload of both reps and weight, which is why you should use both heavy weight and high reps if you really want to grow your calves.

– To increase intensity, use pauses at the top and partials from the bottom up. Complete 20 reps with full range of motion, then complete about 5 partial reps off the bottom of the step. For the partials, come up halfway for each rep, pumping blood into the calves.

– For the final 2-3 reps, pause at the top before stretching down to the bottom and rising up to peak contraction to pause again. Use this to finish the set and increase the pump.

– The biggest mistakes when working calves are not using full range of motion, bouncing, bending the knees, or using momentum. Any of these common mistakes will rob you of the full benefits of this exercise.

– Extreme muscle soreness is the most difficult part of working calves. During the rest in between sets, stretch your calves, either one leg at a time or together. Soreness usually peaks about 48 hours post-workout. In severe cases Rambod recommends using ice or Epsom salt to alleviate the pain.


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