FST-7 Delts Workout with 4x Physique Olympia Jeremy Buendia & Hany Rambod | FST-7: Big and Ripped

Get bigger delts by applying these FST-7 training concepts from Hany Rambod & Jeremy Buendia’s FST-7 to your next shoulder workout.
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| Essentials for Bigger Delts |
– When performing supersets, pair different styles of front raises or presses. Hany’s choice with Jeremy is lateral raises paired with cable front raises.

– On lateral raises, do not go higher than shoulder height. Raising your arms above that level mainly activates the traps. Minimizing trap activation helps to fully engage the delts.

– Use isolateral static holds. Hold one weight at shoulder height while performing a set of reps with the other side. Start at 5 reps on each side, then 4, 3, 2, 1. “If you fatigue quickly, it’s OK to drop down more quickly,” says Rambod, “you might have to do 5, 3, 1.” Start with a lighter weight if necessary to keep your form as strict as possible.

– Maintain straight—but not fully locked out—arms, and pause to squeeze at the top. Do not use momentum! “A little bit of body English is OK,” says Rambod, “but if you really start to swing, you’ll increase your chances of injury.”

– Use a rope on front raises to get full range of motion. To avoid stopping at the thighs, arch your back and tilt forward, keeping your core tight.

– Once again, make use of ladders. Have your training partner direct you to hit their hands at various levels, such as waist, chest, or eye level.

– Pose between exercises for more time under tension. This increases blood flow and time under tension for rounder, fuller delts. Recommended poses are crab most muscular, hands on hip most muscular, and side chest.


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