Full Back Workout (In just 23 MINUTES!!)

Say goodbye to 60-90 minute workouts forever (and build muscle much faster!)

If you want to build a thick, wide back you’ve got to train hard…that we know. However, does it mean that we have to train for hours? Not at all. In this video, I show you that you can get an incredibly effective back and lat workout in under 25 minutes! It all comes down to the intensity of your workouts.

I say all the time, you can workout long or you can workout hard but you can’t do both. This complete back workout shows you to turn 4 classic back exercises into a workout that will help you to add more width to your back and thickness to your rhomboids.

To completely develop your back muscles you have to include both horizontal rowing exercises and vertical pulling exercises. This workout shows you the pullups and neutral grip lat pulldowns (both vertical pulling back exercises). One arm dumbbell rows and barbell rows are included as horizontal rowing movements.

The full back workout is as follows:

– Weighted Pullups into Bodyweight Pullups – 3 sets to failure (drop set)
– Barbell Rows – 3 sets to failure (10-12 RM)
– Neutral Grip Pulldowns – 3-4 sets to failure (6-10RM)
– One Arm DB Rows – 3 sets each arm

The original back workout that was sent in (which inspired me to film this workout response) included an additional back exercise…seated rows. Due to the redundancy of this movement as well as the exaggerated volume in place already (5-6 sets for each of the exercises above), I removed the rows from the workout.

Regardless…even if I had performed them, I would have still completed this entire back workout in less than 40 minutes. As it was, this back workout took me just 23 minutes to complete.

And that is the main point. You can either workout long or hard, but you cannot do both. This back workout is short but explosive. It trades in workout length for workout intensity. When you do this, you see faster results in shorter time. Your back will be wider. Your mid back will be thicker and your lats will flare.

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