Furious Pete's Anorexia Transformation Story

An eating disorder slowed Furious Pete down but it could not stop him. Read on to learn how Pete battled adversity and came back stronger than ever!
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Your life’s goals may not include polishing off a 72-ounce steak in seven minutes, one of Peter Czerwinski’s mind-boggling (and perhaps stomach-churning) gastronomic feats. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have the same appetite for success as “Furious Pete.”

Pete didn’t always have a shovel-ready eating style. His video tells of a 16-year-anorexic needing to control some aspect of a life coming apart at the seams. Maybe you’ve been there. One element he could dictate was food. This led to a compulsive relationship with food and an eating disorder that landed him in a hospital.

That was 2002. For Pete, the key to recovery was channeling that same focus on food and his body into the world of competitive eating, where he now holds 35 world records (and no indigestion to show for it, it seems). What’s more, he has learned to add training to that massive influx of calories and protein. Now, instead of looking like a man one step from the casket, he resembles a fitness model. Yes, he’s still a control freak, just like he was while starving himself. Only now, he’s building his body.

Transformations like Pete’s don’t happen overnight, largely because the issues that make them necessary creep over us slowly. It took him three solid years to stamp out his negative thoughts about food. Incremental progress isn’t just okay; it’s essential for success. Small changes last, big ones don’t. But the time to start is now. Staying on track isn’t enough. The track you’re on needs to be headed in the right direction.

Pete found inspiration by reading other peoples personal accounts of struggle to success. Now his story, along with many others, serves as an inspiration to you in the book powered by BodySpace – Body by Design.


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