German Volume Training with a Twist | Cory Gregory

When you need a fast workout, slash your rest periods and still hit the volume you desire. This little GVT twist can go a long way.
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I am going to take you through a shoulder workout with my personal spin on German Volume Training (GVT). I call this “GVT with a Twist,” and it’s a great way to knock out a fast, furious, effective workout when you’re short on time. You can also use the Twist as a finisher, making this technique even more versatile.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and I came up the Twist when I was rushed one day at the gym. Instead of doing the normal German Volume Training—which is 10 sets of 10 reps with 60-second rest periods—I cut the rest periods down to 10 seconds. It gave me a serious burn, so I developed a program around it.

Cutting the rest period fatigues the working muscles much faster and speeds up the workout. A full GVT with a Twist workout doesn’t take that long—you’re looking at 20-minute workouts—but it will still leave you torched.

I recommend standard German Volume Training for intermediate to advanced lifters, but the program I put together, “with a Twist,” works for anybody. Depending on the body part, a raw beginner can lift 5-pound dumbbells and still get a good metabolic resistance workout.


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