Get Bigger Biceps in 2 Steps (START HERE!)

Get bigger biceps by training with a plan (it won’t just magically happen) –

Getting bigger biceps definitely requires hard work, just like any other stubborn muscle that you want to grow. That said, hard work alone won’t cut it. If you want to get big biceps you have to train them with a plan. In this video, I show you a two phase workout plan that you can use to help even the smallest biceps to start growing.

First, you must learn whether you have a strong enough mind muscle connection in your biceps. You can do this by forcefully contracting your biceps muscle in three different positions. Start with your elbow at 90 degrees and pinned to your side (as in the midpoint of a barbell curl). Try and contract your biceps as hard as you can. If done properly, you may find that it actually gets uncomfortable and difficult to hold for longer than 10 seconds or so. Next bend the wrist back a bit and let your elbow travel a little in front of your body. You should find it easier to reach that strong contraction in this position. If not, you may lack the proper mind muscle connection to get the most out of your bicep workouts.

Finally, you can put your arm up as if you were asked to flex your biceps. If you still can’t elicit a strong bicep contraction here then you definitely need to work on your connection in phase I as outlined in the video. You can do this with bicep flex curls and preacher curls. Each of these exercises allows you to slow the pace of your reps and really feel the contraction on each set.

Once established, you must move onto phase II of the bicep growing plan. Here you want to focus on heavy eccentrics. The best way to do this is with the bicep cheat curl. This exercise allows you to use a little bit of momentum to initiate the curl and an extreme amount of eccentric muscle strength to decelerate the bar back down to the starting position. You can cheat the lift up until your back is in a vertical or slightly past vertical position. The eccentric lowering should be done completely under your voluntary control.

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