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Getting cut abs is and always will be a two part plan. First, you have to be sure that your nutrition is good enough to allow you to have a low enough level of body fat to see your abs. Second, you have to train your abs the right way to get them to pop. In this video, I show you an exercise that pop star Usher credits for giving him defined abs and more importantly, how to make it better.

Ab scissors is the ab exercise that Usher included in all of his ab workouts to help him get abs that made everyone take notice. I will never forget watching his interview on MTV back in the early 2,000’s and thinking how I need to make sure I include this move in my daily ab workout routine. So I started doing them, lots of them.

The only problem is, as I got smarter about ab exercises I realized that while this is a good ab stabilization move it does have some potential to be made even better. I thought that I could turn it into more than just an ab stabilizer that tends to work the hip flexors a bit more than other ab exercises. That said, I wanted to tap into the other functions of the abdominal muscles like rotation, controlling rotation and flexing the spine.

In five ab exercise demonstrations shown here, you will see three moves that you can do on the floor and two that can be done while hanging from a pullup bar. The difficulty level of these ab exercises will vary depending on your starting strength and how often you have been training your abs already. As always, I recommend frequent ab workouts. I can be found doing my abs at least six days a week and often more like seven.

The best combination to get abs and keep them year round is going to be however by not just doing ab exercises, but by combining them with a good nutrition plan. You just can’t go around eating junk food all day and thinking that somehow you are going to have an impressive six pack that you can show off. It is important to understand that while there will always be exceptions to the rule, you likely weren’t lucky enough to be one of those exceptions so you will have to work your way to your impressive abs.

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