Get SHREDDED OBLIQUES (Fish Gills with One Exercise!)

Why stop at shredded obliques? Build athletic, ripped muscle here

Having well defined, shredded obliques is the ultimate cap on a ripped torso and abs. They actually serve to frame the ab muscles by producing a waistline tapering effect by virtue of their fiber alignment. In this video I show you the best oblique exercise you can do and how to do it properly for best oblique development.

You might be shocked to see that one of the best exercises for obliques is an old classic side crunch. You also might be surprised to find out that you have been doing this exercise incorrectly if you want to maximize the definition and appearance of the oblique muscles.

To perform the side crunch exercise correctly you need to start by limiting the range of motion of the exercise. Too many people think they need to actually crunch their elbows to their hips. In doing so, they pull on their heads and necks and often don’t put any of the stress on the external obliques themselves.

The best way to perform this oblique exercise is to focus on the top down movement and ensure that the contraction is occurring in the muscle itself. Stop worrying about just getting from point a to point b and start focusing on getting there the right way.

Of course, no set of impressive obliques or tutorial on how to get shredded obliques is complete without a heavy attention to solid nutrition. If you are looking for a complete day by day muscle building and fat loss meal plan that is combined with the best oblique and core exercises, then be sure to head to and check out the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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