Get ripped, wide shoulders like a professional athlete here

If you want to get wider shoulders you sometimes have to use advanced shoulder training techniques that help you see results faster. In this video, I show you an advanced shoulder exercise that you can put into your very next shoulder workout.

The use of spontaneous eccentrics is something that you can do with just a single dumbbell. The side lateral delt raise is one of the easiest exercises to incorporate this with. Simply take a dumbbell and position yourself as you would during a side delt raise. Instead of just raising the weight up and lowering the weight in control, explosively accelerate the weight up and release it ever so slightly at the top of the rep.

Once you do, immediately try and regrip the dumbbell as it begins to fall towards the ground. The moment your grip is reestablished, your delts will be demanded to fire eccentrically to slow the descent of the dumbbell. This intense shoulder contraction is one you likely haven’t experienced under normal training conditions. It is this type of advanced shoulder training that will help you to start seeing results faster.

Getting bigger and wider shoulders is something that most guys put at the top of their wish list. Part of the reason is the fact that most women state that seeing wider shoulders on men makes them more attractive. The second reason is that guys with big shoulders usually have a muscular body throughout.

If you want to start building big, wide shoulders then you have to start training like an athlete. Visit and get explosive upper body and lower body workouts that will get you delts, back, chest, arms and legs that get noticed.

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