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Pro bodybuilder Kai Greene wants you to know it’s never too late to change the direction your life is going. Be your own motivation. Make the changes you dream of. Take a chance on yourself.
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I’m excited about myself, and the things that I’m still learning about myself and this life. It’s really interesting, because there were other times in my life when I did not understand as vividly as I believe I do today. I was angry, less aware. As a result of that, I considered doing things that would have cut my life short. Had I done that, I would not know some of the really, really good things that I have been exposed to and now understand today.

As sure as I have scars on my face and scars on my wrists, the truth is just what I’ve said. I’ve been somewhere, but more importantly I now know today that I’m going somewhere.

If there’s a person out there that’s looking around thinking, “Man, I look around at my life, and this thing is not what I want; this is not what I like,” there’s an old saying that said, “Well hey, you know what? You made your bed and you’re gonna have to lie in it. If you are looking around in that same situation and saying, “Man this is terrible; I don’t think I want to go on anymore,” think about this: Life can be what you make it.

You can get up, you can change the mattress, you can change the bedding, you can get a new box spring, you can get a whole new bed, you can create it. I think this life can be a really wonderful thing. And a person—whether they know it or not, whether they understand it or not—can create their own destiny. Thoughts become things, life can be beautiful. Don’t give up, Give yourself a chance.

– Kai Greene

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