Give Yourself One Good Year! Louis Sheppard Testimonial -

At 39 years old and 350 pounds, Louis Sheppard set a simple goal: train hard and eat right for one solid, unbroken year. Over the next year, he lost 100 pounds and changed his life forever.

Learn all about Louis Sheppard’s transformation journey:

Louis Sheppard had gotten too big. He knew it, and those around him knew it. This 39-year-old financial advisor also knew all too well the risks that came along with his size. But knowing it wasn’t going to change it.

Just a couple of weeks into his latest gym experiment, he got the ultimate wake-up call when his childhood friend passed away unexpectedly. Suddenly, a goal came into focus: “Just give myself one good year,” Louis told himself. For 365 days, he would put his ego aside, follow proven training plans to the letter, eat right, and live the healthiest lifestyle he could manage. He also had a nice, round number in mind: 100 pounds of weight loss.

Do you or someone you know need proof that real change is possible? Here it is. “Transformation” isn’t just a fitness buzzword. It’s a reward you can achieve—and sooner than you think.

Make this your year. Watch the video, share his story, and take the first step toward a better life!

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