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Generally, when it comes to hamstring exercises you have to make sure you’re training the hamstrings the way they actually work when you’re on your feet! The hamstring exercises that do this are what I call “bulletproof hamstrings” exercises.

As the most commonly injured muscle group in the body, the hamstrings need workouts that address their ability to tie in with the glutes to produce powerful hip extension. Focusing only on hamstring curls is the worst thing you can do and is sure to lead to a pulled hamstring down the road.

AthLEAN-X develops the hamstrings the way they need to be developed to help you to not only excel on the field but also to produce impressive leg muscles and growth. If you’re tired of pulling your hamstrings and injuring yourself while doing other types of training it’s time you switch to AthLEAN-X and see how training like an athlete can get you to start looking like one!
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