Hamstring Injury - Your ASS is to BLAME! (literally)

Prevent more than just hamstring injuries – Train like an athlete

The hamstrings are one of the most commonly injured muscles in the body. This is due to the fact that these large muscles are critically involved with every single step you take. In order to avoid hamstring injuries however you cannot simply focus on the hamstrings themselves, but rather to the muscle groups that are supposed to assist them in doing their job.

In this case, the prime culprit wen it comes to injured hamstrings is the glutes. In fact, glute amnesia or the inability to properly contract the gluteal muscles is one of the most common causes of hamstring strains.

The hamstring functions to bend the knee in open chain activities and actually extend the knee in closed chain activities (we’ll talk about that in another video!). In addition, the hamstring muscles are also mildly involved in extending the hip. The problem comes when the glutes (the prime extenders of the hip) don’t do their job and the hammies are called to do something they are not that good at. Hamstring tears usually wind up happening.

In order to avoid tearing your hamstring, you have to make sure you are addressing two very important aspects of your leg training and workouts.

1. You have to get better at activating the glutes
2. You have to be able to sequentially fire your glutes WITH your hamstrings when doing leg exercises.

I show you how to prevent hamstring injuries using two techniques to illustrate each of these points.

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