Hanging Ab Workout (4 MINUTES OF PAIN!)

Get shredded abs like an athlete in just minutes each day

Hanging ab workouts are without a doubt the toughest thing you can do to work out your abs. Whether you do them from a hanging bar or in a captain’s chair, your abs will not be able to escape the pain if you do these right. In this video, I put together a killer hanging ab workout routine that is the exact sequence I was put through by one of the world’s best boxing trainers in NYC.

The key to this hanging ab routine is the lack of rest. You want to try and make it through this entire workout without taking more rest than is needed to transition between the ab exercises. It helps to have access to a captains chair to perform this, however you can absolutely do this ab workout at home if you have a kitchen counter corner that you can stand in. Use your arms to support your body weight and get going!

The ab workout routine is as follows:

10 reps of hanging straight leg ab raises
10 reps of weighted hanging knee raises (using a 30lb medicine ball)
20 reps of hanging ab scissors
10 reps of bar bangers
10 reps of hanging straight leg ab raises (again)
5 reps of weighted hanging knee raises (using the med ball again)
20 seconds of an iso knee hanging hold

Here’s the worst part about this ab burning workout. This is only the first of 4 rounds that you have to try and make it through! Can you survive 4 rounds of this complete hanging ab workout?

Whether or not you are looking to be the next Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao, it would benefit you to get your abs as strong as either of these guys. The only you way you can do that is by training like them. Try this quick but intense hanging ab workout and see how far you can make it towards championship status.

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