Hardcore Leg Workout | Kris Gethin

Join Kris Gethin for this leg workout from his 12-Week Hardcore Transformation Program and destroy your hamstrings and quads! Plus, get Kris’s secrets to maximizing your lifts!
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| Workout Tips |
• Make sure you’ve eaten your breakfast and taken your pre-workout shake before your cardio.
• When doing your warm-up sets, pyramid the weight up to 70% of your maximum lift for the exercise.
• Working to failure means you won’t be able to complete one more rep even if you want to.
• Your rest periods should last between 1 and 2 minutes, but make sure you’re recovered enough to complete the next set.
• Lying hamstring curls can be done without a machine by holding a dumbbell between your feet, but make sure you have a partner to help place the dumbbell and to help keep it between your feet.
• Get yourself a nice set of knee wraps to keep your knees safe during your heavy working sets.
• It is normal to feel a little lightheaded or a little sick.
• Get your post-workout shake in immediately after your workout.

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