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Nothing says good, clean gains like grilled wild salmon. Soak up the rest of summer and take your meal prep outside with this FitMenCook-approved recipe.
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It’s time to fire up your grill and get ready for gains! Today, we’re cooking up one of the wild kings of freshwater protein: the almighty (and wonderfully fatty) salmon. But don’t think the fish gets all the glory in this delicious recipe, which is really all about the pairing sauces. You’ll have your choice between a smoky Sriracha or pineapple glaze to satisfy your spicy or sweet tooth. The good news? Whichever sauce you choose, you really can’t go wrong!


| Ingredients |
Wild-caught salmon 1 lb.
Extra-virgin olive oil (or spray olive oil) 1 tbsp
Pepper 1 pinch

| Smoky Sriracha Glaze |
Sugar-free maple syrup (or raw honey) 3 tbsp
Smoked paprika 1 tbsp
Sriracha 2 tbsp
Tumeric (optional) 1 tsp

| Pineapple Glaze |
Bragg liquid aminos or low-sodium soy sauce 1/2 tbsp
Fresh-diced pineapple 1/4 cup
Low-sodium ketchup or no-salt tomato sauce 1-1/2 tbsp
Sugar-free maple syrup or raw honey 3 tbsp
Apple cider vinegar 1 tsp
Garlic, minced 1/2 clove
Fresh lemon To taste
Black pepper 1 pinch

| Directions |
1. Fire up the grill, or heat the oven to at least 350 degrees F.
2. Brush or spray the salmon with a little olive oil and a pinch or two of pepper.
3. In a small bowl, mix together the ingredients for the smoky Sriracha glaze. Season to
taste, and then set it aside.
4. In food processor or blender, mix together the ingredients for the pineapple glaze.
Season to taste with fresh lemon and more pepper. Set it aside.
5. Baste the salmon with either of the sauces, and place it on the grill (or in the oven on a
baking sheet) for 5-7 minutes. Flip the salmon, baste it with the sauce again, and grill or
bake it for another 5-7 minutes.
6. Repeat until the salmon is cooked to your desired readiness; just be careful not to
overcook it. I recommend no more than 20 minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees F.

| Nutrition Facts (Salmon With Sriracha Glaze) |
Serving size: 4 oz.
Recipe yields 4 servings
Calories 207
Fat: 11 g
Carbs 5 g
Protein 23 g

| Nutrition Facts (Salmon With Pineapple Glaze) |
Serving size: 4 oz.
Recipe yields 4 servings
Calories 213
Fat 11 g
Carbs 6 g
Protein 23 g


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