Heavy-Volume Gut-Check AMRAP Workout | Craig Capurso

Give yourself a serious test of strength and performance with this three-move, 20-minute workout. That may not sound like much on paper, but in action, it’ll be all you can handle!
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Are you ready to test your power, stamina, agility, and core strength in a single, heavy-volume, AMRAP workout? Cellucor-sponsored athlete and IFBB pro Craig Capurso is.

| Craig Capurso’s Heavy-Volume Gut-Check Workout |
Circuit: 8 Rounds – Resting 30 sec. between movements and rounds
1. Barbell Deadlift – Adding 10 lbs. each round. 1 set = 20 reps
2. Pull-ups – Perform weighted if possible, but keep weight consistent. 1 set = 20 reps
3. Wall Walk – 1 set = 20 seconds

Craig’s Technique Keys

| Deadlift |
The first exercise is a heavy deadlift. Capurso recommends adding five pounds per side after each round. He starts this workout at 315 pounds, then increases to 325, 335, 345, and so on until he reaches 385 pounds for the final round.

Heavy volume and maximum effort intervals increase aerobic capacity and tap into anaerobic capacity once oxygen is depleted. If your goals are strength hypertrophy, Capurso recommends a single rep approach where you set the bar down in between each rep, get yourself set, then pull again. If you’re a CrossFitter who competes against the clock, then plant your heels on the floor and find your rhythm with touch-and-go reps.

Injury is not conducive to high performance, so choose a weight progression that allows you to maintain proper form throughout the workout. As Capurso says, “When the bar moves, your body should move—your body should not move first.”

| Pull-ups |
Pull-ups are the second exercise in this intense trifecta, and once again you have 20 seconds to complete as many rounds as possible. Capurso ups the intensity by using a weight belt, but doesn’t add any additional weight throughout the workout.

“By the end of eight rounds, it’s going to get very challenging,” explains Capurso, “so I’m going to keep that stable weight.”

Even without adding weight between rounds, the number of reps you can manage here will likely drop dramatically over the course of eight rounds. It may be 10-12 in the beginning, and half of that toward the end. Don’t sweat it! Just make note of what you accomplish, and next time you try this workout try to improve on the total.

Especially if you add weight, your grip is likely to give out first, so if you want to wrap up on these, go for it. You’ve got 30 seconds of rest to get into proper position, so take time to get yourself ready so you can hit as many reps as possible on each round.

| Wall Walk |
The final exercise in this gut-check challenge is the wall walk—which Capurso insists is just a simple technique.

He says, “Crawl your toes up the wall, touch your nose to the wall, then crawl back down. That’s one rep—and there’s not much to it.”

You could add a weight vest to up the intensity, but think twice before doing it. After all, you’d have to take it on and off for every round, which makes your already brief rest periods anything but restful.


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