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Series begins 10/28/2011

The 12-week program you’re about to undertake delivered lesser men to the undertaker. But it turned other men into living, breathing beasts, with more muscle and strength than they ever dreamed possible in a mortal body.

Hell-Raiser Training, aka HRT, won’t test your limits; it’ll obliterate them.

HRT is all about doing whatever it takes to make the muscle grow. As such, this is a low-volume, high-intensity training routine designed for experienced weight-training athletes with at least a couple years’ worth of gym experience under their lifting belt.

You’re probably going to hate my f#cking guts by the time this is all over. I’m OK with that. Really, I am. I’m not here to play nice and baby you along like a f#cking 1-year old. I’m here because you want to quit dickin’ around in the gym and actually get results.

So you and your partner need to pick your nuts up off the floor, get your @ss to the gym, and make it happen. Suck it up and commit.
Let’s get to work,

Tom “Rage” Fuller

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