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Welcome to Hellraiser Training! We’ve been expecting you …

The next 12 weeks of your life will be pure hell. But you’ll build more muscle than ever before. That’s because this training program is centered on one hellacious principle, Hellcentrics. In a nutshell, Hellcentrics are extreme forced reps. Don’t even bother starting this program unless you have a reliable training partner and at least a good couple years experience in the gym.

You’ve been warned!

Every set in Hellraiser Training (HRT) comprises regular eight reps immediately followed by four Hellcentric reps. Those Hellcentric reps have two parts: a partial and a full negative.

A Hellcentric begins when the muscle is fully contracted and your partner begins to apply pressure. He or she applies the same amount of pressure through the partial rep and then all the way down through the full negative. At the bottom of the negative rep, your partner helps bring the weight back up. That ends one Hellcentric rep.

HRT was developed for one reason: to add muscle. Period. It is based on doing whatever it takes to accomplish adding more mass and bringing up lagging body parts. HRT creates a complete mind-body connection when performed properly.

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