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In December of 2011, Animal and Bodybuilding.com began a 12-week contest for only the bravest lifters. Two training partners had to fight their way through 12 weeks of intense Hellraiser Training (HRT). Ross Bowman and Steve Sherer stuck through the pain of Hellcentrics to win “12 Weeks in Hell.” In their own words, here are those stories.

Hellcentrics were ego-deflating. The first time was embarrassing. Right off the bat, I was doing a lot less weight than before. HRT pointed out when you were doing form incorrectly, because it was difficult on the stabilizer muscles when you work with partner-assisted resistance.

I recommend this to people who are starting to take bodybuilding seriously. It is a very painful program, so if you’re not committed to it, you’re not going to do it. You need to be someone who has already seen some benefits and knows that bodybuilding is working, who really has a goal in mind and wants to meet that goal. Use HRT to reach that goal.

Ross and I got in the gym and we were machines. We were in and out of there. We were getting help from all sorts of sources. It took a lot of our weightlifting to another level. Before I started the program, I couldn’t even do a dip with body weight. That was embarrassing. At the end of the program, I was able to do eight dip reps with bodyweight, plus 45 pounds.

Steve’s Weight Tracking:
Started: 230 pounds
Finished: 213 pounds

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