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To learn more about HRT go to Bodybuilding.com http://bit.ly/vRYCnG

You’re breaking down your muscles, pounding your joints. But what’s the point if you’re not rebuilding bigger muscles, or, worse, if you’re zoned on the couch because you hurt yourself?

With Hellraiser Training, you’re going to spend hours pounding it in the gym. Recovery becomes critical to adding mass. Do this right, and you’re actually going to be making progress 24/7.

Do it wrong, and all the hard training can turn into a nightmare. You don’t want Hellraiser-style nightmares. Trust me, you don’t want this mug in your grill after hours, pinhead.

Obviously it’s important to be eating right and taking proper supplementation, but there are a couple other key steps to make sure we’re doing everything it takes to build mass.

Today, on your day off, let’s cover sleep, cardio, stretching and deep tissue massage.

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