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HRT: Animal Hellraiser Trainer — Hell Workout 3, Chest & Triceps

Coming off a rest day, we’re going to go right in Hell Session III. Big Mike “Wicked” Van Wyck and I will show you how to attack chest and the 3-headed dog we call triceps from multiple angles.

Watch the video from the dungeon gym to see how Hellcentrics work your body so hard you’ll think you died and went to hell.

Hellcentrics are 4-step spot-lifts performed after you do 8 regular lifts. Your spotter is key to Hellcentrics; your own personal ferryman across the River Styx.

The 4 steps into Hellcentric horror are:

1. Spotter pushes down; lifter resists through a partial lift
2. Lifter pushes back up; spotter assists
3. Spotter pushes all the way back down; lifter resists against the full negative
4. Lifter pushes all the way back up; spotter assists

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