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Hip mobility is not only needed for injury free joints but to thrive with your current workout regimen. In order to get proper depth on the squat or deadlift, one must have full hip mobility to allow for the flexion needed to get down low. In this video, I show you a hip mobility drill that you can do to increase the inferior hip capsule that can cause tightness in the squat. With just a few repetitions of the exercise shown here, you can see an instant improvement in your squatting depth and mobility of your hip.

In order to perform this drill, you only need a resistance band and somewhere sturdy to anchor it. Begin by placing the band around your leg and into the crease of your hip joint on the side you feel you are lacking mobility. You want to set up your hip in the loose pack or open pack position if you want to allow for the maximum amount of impact from this drill. Trying to do mobility drills with a joint in its closed pack position is a waste of time since the capsular structures are maximally tightened around the hip.

The open pack position here is about 30 degrees of hip flexion and 30 degrees of abduction. This position can be achieved by kneeling on all fours and leaning forward a bit into extension. Once set up, you want to move your body laterally away from the anchor point so you get tension and distraction of the hip joint. People often think that the best way to distract the hip joint is to pull the leg straight down but that is not correct. If you look at the orientation of the ball and socket joint of the femur, the joint has to be pulled laterally in order to clear joint space before you can distract or mobilize the joint.

With the proper lateral distraction applied, you want to maintain the tension in the joint by contracting the muscles of the opposite hip and your core. Next, slowly sit your body back and let your hip travel up into flexion. This is used to simulate the motion at the joint during the squat or deadlift. If you encounter a portion in the range where you can’t go any further, you can either sit there for a bit and try to ease into more motion over time or you can pulsate through a two to three inch range and let the oscillations improve your mobility.

If performed correctly, you should see an instant increase in your hip mobility as soon as you are done. If you were experiencing pain in during a squat or deadlift, or were feeling a pinching or snapping hip when doing a rep…you should not feel it anymore. Keep in mind this is a short term fix and will require more attention to the muscles and mobility for a long term fix.

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