Holiday Bootcamp Day 7 [FULL WORKOUT]

Day 7 of the Holiday Bootcamp! We want to make this Holiday Season the most STRESS free possible. That’s why we are offering this ENTIRE Bootcamp, access and keep it forever, for only $29.99. That’s a ONE TIME fee, no recurring charges!

ONLY $29.99! One time purchase price! LINK:

WORKOUTS + SURVIVAL GUIDE!In addition to a workout every day for 30 days, you’ll get the full Workout Breakdown with notes, that you can print and keep with you! Also in this guide: key info about cravings, stress, alcohol…all the Holiday pitfalls. And RECIPES so you can still stay sweet this season without falling off track.

SOLD SEPARATELY (25% OFF for December 2020!)

All the gear in this kit is also available in super simple bundle for only $169.00 (less 25%).
You’ll get a:

– workout mat
– 6LB Weighted Vest
– 5LB Dumbbells
– Pink Thing Resistance Band
– Core Bands

Here’s the link to the gear!: BodyRock, we’re giving you ALL the tools you need to conquer the Holiday slump. It’s up to you to snatch this up, for under 30 bucks!

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