Home Abs and Oblique Workout (ALL-IN-ONE EXERCISE!)

Get shredded abs and obliques by training like an athlete here…

Most abs and oblique workouts are made to be difficult to do at home because people think they need a lot of equipment or exercises to get the job done. In this video, I’ll show you a quick home ab and obliques workout that you can do with literally a single exercise. See how using just a single physioball (common piece of home workout equipment) you can crush your abs and your entire core faster than ever.

The abs exercise shown here hits your lower abs, upper abs and obliques at the same time. By incorporating the primary muscle actions of the core, you can be sure that you get a complete training effect without overlooking any of the important actions.

Begin this abs and obliques exercise by laying face down on a swiss ball or stability ball. Place the ball just under your knees if you are a beginner or under your toes if you are more advanced. Start by performing a pike, where you engage the abs and pull your pelvis into a posterior tilt as you raise your hips as high as you can to the ceiling.

Having tight hamstrings can limit your ability to do this portion of the exercise properly. If you need to stretch out your hamstrings a bit before doing this movement you can, however it is not terrible if you do it as best as you can and allow the knees to bend a bit if need be until you can get your leg flexibility up to par. Bottom line is, you don’t want to avoid this exercise entirely if your legs are tight. You can still get great ab and oblique workout benefits from this.

Next, as you lower your legs back down to the starting position you will have to have great ab stability strength in order to control the ball and prevent your lower back from sagging. Essentially, this is a suspended plank that we know can really hit your abs and help you build great core strength. Next, we throw a twist into this abs and oblique workout, literally. By performing the skier knee tuck, you will rotate your knees to one side. You want to be sure you don’t over rotate here as you’ll likely fall off the ball. That is why you need to have great anti-rotational ab strength, which we know is one of the most important if not the most imperative aspects of ab workouts and training.

Once you reach failure on this first part of the abs and obliques workout, you rest 10 seconds and then perform just the pike portion to failure. After reaching failure again, you complete your round by doing just the skier knee tucks to each side until hitting failure one more time. Rest a minute and then get back on the ball and aim for another round or two to really fry your abs and entire core.

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