Home Abs Workout Blitz!! - Part 10 - Get 6 Pack Abs

Get 6 Pack Abs at Home here: http://athleanx.com/x/homeabsworkout10

Week number 10 of the “Home Abs Workout” Blitz is here and that means another episode of Washboard Wednesday filled with great “6 pack abs” exercises to give you a flat stomach just in time for the beach or where ever else you will need to show off your “6 pack abs”

Guys can get 6 pack abs using these cool “home abs” exercises and women can tone up their stomachs just by following along with each week of Washboard Wednesday.

This unique “6 pack abs workout” series is developed by “Trainer to the Stars” Jeff Cavaliere (former MLB strength coach and physical therapist) and Men’s Fitness Magazine writer. These exercises and ab workout videos are guaranteed to give you a great stomach, muscular abs and eye popping obliques in just a few minutes a day. Don’t miss another free workout. Subscribe above to this channel!

Once your done with this workout and loving the burn you feel in your abs after doing it you’ll want to rush on over to http://www.athleanx.com to get the complete “get ripped” “build lean muscle” system….the AthLEAN-X Training System. For just a fraction of what it costs for P90X, you can get the exact same program followed by some of today’s top professional athletes that Cavaliere trains. AthLEAN-X truly is the next generation of fitness and it can be yours today at athleanx.com

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