Home Abs Workout Blitz!! - Part 5 - Get 6 Pack Abs

Get 6 Pack Abs at home here: http://athleanx.com/x/homeabsworkout5

Week 5 of your “Home Abs Workout” blitz brings you one step closer to that elusive 6 pack that you’ve always wanted. This ” 6 pack abs workout” video series is your step by step guide to getting “6 pack abs” in just 12 weeks! With trainer to the stars Jeff Cavaliere, there is no more guesswork. Simply follow the workouts and follow the expert advice from each show and in no time, you too will have an unbelievably ripped core!

In this weeks episode, Jeff chooses five new “abs exercises”, that like in all other weeks, are unique, cutting edge and some of the most effective ways you can quickly etch in a 6 pack stomach.

Variety is a key component of any ab workout. If your abs exercises aren’t varied enough you will not be providing enough of a stimulus for your body to change. To get your body to start showing off 6 pack abs you’ve got to do exercises that change often and that you can do with consistency. Don’t worry about the variety. Jeff Cavaliere takes the very same ab exercises that he uses with his top pro athlete clients and keeps mixing them up for you to get that part covered.

The consistency on the other hand comes from one key thing…you actually doing the exercises! That is covered too since Jeff makes sure to include only abs exercises and ab workouts that you can do in your home. He knows that if you can do them in your home then you’ll be more likely to do them consistently.

That said, once you’re doing these cool ab exercises at home and seeing results than you’ll want to make sure you head over to http://www.athleanx.com to get your 90 day complete AthLEAN-X Training system. It’s your step by step guide (including meal plans) to get you into your new athlean body. We’re looking forward to you joining TEAM ATHLEAN!

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