Home Abs Workout Blitz!! - Part 9 - Get 6 Pack Abs

Get 6 Pack Abs at Home here: http://athleanx.com/x/homeabsworkout9

Week 9 of the “Home Abs Workout” blitz and the question I pose to you is did you ever wonder what ab exercises you could be doing right now in the comfort of your own home that could get you “6 pack abs” in just 12 weeks? Well wonder no longer. The Athlean-X Washboard Wednesday series takes you step by step through a simple plan for getting ripped “6 pack abs” in record time.

The key to the effectiveness of this “abs workout” program is that it makes it convenient for you to follow…allowing you to do all these exercises in your house. You must keep your ab exercises and “abs workouts” constantly fresh and changing if you to get fast results. The reason for this is that the abs are extremely resilient muscles, often requiring 4,5, or even 6 workouts a week in order to show real results.

The abs are postural muscles and are used to firing all day long to keep you upright. In order to shock them into a six pack, you’ve got to throw unique exercises at them that they are not accustomed to already. That is where the Home Abs Workout Blitz comes in.

That said, once you’ve got your ripped abs (in just 3 more weeks from now) don’t stop there. Go to http://www.athleanx.com and get the training system that the pro athletes and top actors are using to get their muscular physiques. Developed by the “trainer to the stars” Jeff Cavaliere, former NY Mets physical therapist and strength coach….the AthLEAN-X Training System is the best workout program available today!

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