Home Chest Workout Tip - The "RAPID 10"!!

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You may be looking to build a bigger chest but find that your chest workouts are limited by the size of the dumbbells that you have access to at home. Not to worry. With the “Rapid 10” technique I show you in this video, you can build a big muscular chest even without the typical heavy dumbbells that you thought were a requirement in your chest workout.

The reason behind this boils down to the concept of muscle overload. There are so many ways in a given chest workout to overload the chest muscles. It doesn’t always have to be with heavier and heavier weights. In fact, it shouldn’t always be with just heavier weights. Instead, in order to build your chest you need to vary the tempo of your sets in your chest workouts and also incorporate some pre-exhaust techniques.

The Rapid 10 is just one of those examples. By incorporating this lifting technique into your next chest workout you will find that even weights that you thought might be too light to build your chest muscles with…can feel much heavier!

Try this technique out in your next chest work out and then head over to http://athleanx.com and get the complete ATHLEAN-X training system to learn more ways to incorporate muscle building tips and techniques into not just your chest workouts but all of your workouts!

For more workout tips be sure to watch our other videos here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

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