Home Fat Burning Workout - The "HURRICANE HEADRUSH" Bodyweight Workout

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Fat Burning Workouts that require lots of equipment or space are far from workouts you can do at home. In requiring this type of stuff you will most likely find that most people can’t do the workout! So, with that in mind, the BEST fat burning workout is one you can do with just your bodyweight in a very small amount of space.

Enter the “Hurricane Headrush” home bodyweight workout. As Hurricane Irene slams into the East Coast of the United States we recognize the power of the storm and have created one of the most intense home bodyweight challenges you can put your body through….and in just 6 exercises and 320 reps.

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See how to burn fat more quickly with intense workouts that can be done with very little equipment and NO treadmills! Start your Hurricane Headrush Workout now.

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