Home Leg Workout Weapon (KILLER LEG EXERCISE!)

Crush your legs at home or the gym with our workouts

Doing leg workouts at home can sometimes be difficult if you don’t have heavy enough weights to overload your legs. Most decide to just do bodyweight leg exercises or run to train their legs in these cases. In this video, I show you that is a mistake by giving you a home leg workout weapon that can become the perfect leg exercise for you.

The advantages of this leg exercise are that you can perform them either one or two legs at a time. When you do this as a single leg exercise, you have the ability to overload your quads, glutes and hamstrings with less weight. All you need is an Olympic bar and a corner of the room that you can anchor one end of the bar in.

Essentially, this home leg exercise is a modified version of the hack squat. We know that the hack squat machine at the gym allows you to target your quads a bit more without having to worry about lower back pain often times associated with squatting. The problem with this legs exercise however is that you tend to eliminate the contribution of the glute muscles and therefore make the exercise less effective.

In the home leg exercise shown here, that is not the case. You can get a strong contraction of the gluteus by virtue of the position of the muscles at the top of the movement.

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