Home Shoulder Exercise (SIDE DELTS - No Equipment!)

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You may be familiar with home shoulder exercises such as the pike pushup, wall pushup or shoulder handstand pushups but there are not many options for targeting the side deltoids specifically. In this video, I’m going to show you a bodyweight shoulder exercise that you can do at home with literally no equipment. No dumbbells, no tubing and no barbells are needed to train your shoulders (and zero in on those side delts) once you’ve tried this.

To perform this side delt bodyweight exercise all you have to do is get in a plank position with your forearms in contact with the ground. Begin by dropping down just a bit (collapsing on the forearm) and then reversing the motion and pushing up as you rotate your body away from the working shoulder. It should look like you’re doing a T-Stand plank or pushup.

The shoulder and side delts of the arm on the ground will be fired up and your core will be working as well to stabilize you. Do as many reps as you can of this shoulder exercise and then switch to the other arm.

The important concept here is “relative motion”. In the ATHLEAN-X Training System, we apply the science behind the strength and show you how to increase the size of your shoulders and every other muscle group for that matter by training in a specific way. By incorporating relative motion into every exercise of your workouts and by involving core and abs in everything you do, you can make an ordinary shoulder exercise into a killer core and shoulder exercise that you can do at home.

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