Home Workout that WORKS FAST - (4 Minutes and 4 Moves!!!)

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One of the best features of a good home workout is that it helps you to burn fat or build muscle without having to have a gym membership or a ton of equipment. What makes a good home workout a great one however is when it can do this fast! Welcome to the Torture 240 workout by ATHLEAN-X!

This insane home workout can be done in literally 240 seconds (4 minutes) using just a pair of dumbbells! Whether you’re looking to build muscle at home or burn fat as fast as possible, this 4 minute home workout challenge is the perfect blend of workout intensity and creativity that you need. You can expect to spark new muscle growth using intense home exercises like the Renegade Press and Single Leg Lateral Burpees. These two exercises help you to build your chest at home and to get a bigger back without anything other than dumbbells!

If you are particularly fit, you can repeat this home workout circuit two, three or even four times for an insane home fat loss benefit.

You can’t use the excuse that you don’t have enough time to workout anymore. The Torture 240 is the perfect home workout for building muscle and getting great fat loss results in a condensed period of time.

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