HOME WORKOUT WARNING - The "Hurricane Headrush 2" Workout is Back!

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Hurricane Sandy ripped through the northeast United States last week and left many without the ability to do their daily workouts. No power, no workouts, especially if you rely on DVD workouts. Well, that should never be the case for any practical workout program (especially a home workout program).

So with that said, the Hurricane Headrush 2 by ATHLEAN-X becomes the perfect option to those “no power”, “no electricity” situations when not getting in your workout at home is simply not an option.

In this no equipment workout, you will see all bodyweight exercises that you can do literally anywhere. The exercises are intense and the workout takes just 15 minutes, but as you’ll see, you can either work out long or you can workout intensely, but you can’t do both. This one is determined to be a muscle mauler and conditioning killer in a matter of minutes. Hurricane like destruction in minutes!

You are to do 60 seconds of cross knee triceps extensions followed by a 60 second rest and then 60 seconds of high box jumps (again followed by 60 seconds rest). Next it’s 45 seconds of Sumo Plyo pushups into 45 seconds of shuttle sprints. Don’t have a long enough place to run, then either shorten the distance or simply run all out in place! Next, 30 seconds each of the incredible mountain climber pushups followed by the mountain climber sprint and pops! Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the house, it’s time to wrap up the storm as strong as ever with alternating bouts of 60 seconds of burpees and 60 seconds of split squat switches. Keep this up for 6 minutes if you can!

Finally, if you’re up for a truly insane home workout rush, then try to work your way back through the hurricane, reversing the exercises and times you did on your way into the eye!

It’s intense home workouts like this that have made ATHLEAN-X so famous! They are anything but boring, crazy effective at both building muscle and burning fat and just the right amount of time to get you results without overtraining.

It’s time to start training to be ATHLEAN. Head to http://athleanx.com right now and get the program that has built the best bodies in pro sports today.

For other pro athlete workouts and home workouts check out our fitness channel at http://youtube.com/jdcav24

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