Home Workout WITHOUT Weights!

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Been looking for a killer home workout that doesn’t require a lot of weights or equipment? How about a 200 rep home workout that you can do without absolutely any weight at all, except your bodyweight that is? Introducing the 200 Club Home Workout Challenge. See how fast you can complete 200 bodyweight only reps in good form and post your time below.

The best part about this home workout is that it’s tied to a challenge. Did you know that you can make 200 reps feel like 20,000 when you are pushing yourself to your max to complete them? Most home workouts that either use weights or don’t use weights fail to include this one key component…goals. The built-in goals make you push yourself and your muscles harder than ever to score high!

It’s by doing this that you see just how much you are capable of and how much you may not have been doing with your home workouts up until now. It’s time to unlock all new muscle growth by working out at home and working out hard…with a goal.

With just burpees, chinups and pushups you are going to see how you can get your entire body (and heart rate) pumped up and feeling like you just worked out for hours let alone minutes!

When you’re done with this challenge and you feel like you are ready for more, head to http://athleanx.com and get the complete 90 day ATHLEAN-X workout program that you can do either at the gym or at home. It’s time to start training like an athlete by training with the top pro athlete trainer in the world Jeff Cavaliere. Start your 90 day body reconstruction today.

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