HOW MANY REPS - The How Many Reps Question Answered!

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How many reps are best to build muscle? How many reps to gain mass? How many reps should I be doing to get cut? When it comes to working out by far the number one question that comes up revolves around the concept of the number of reps that are necessary to accomplish a certain goal.

While it’s certainly a factor when it comes to achieving a training effect (lower for power and strength…middle ranges for muscle hypertrophy….higher for muscle endurance) it’s not the only consideration, or in my mind the most important.

Instead, what I think people should focus on is HOW you are performing the reps and not HOW MANY. This can make the difference between seeing results and not seeing results. Far too often people have a rep goal in mind, say…10-12 reps, and as long as they get to that number they feel as if they have reached their goal.

Well what happens if most of those reps were done without focusing on the actual muscle group that you’re trying to train. What if you didn’t bring the necessary intensity on the first 5 reps of the set? Would you still think that 12 reps was going to be good enough to get the job done?

I hope not.

That’s the point. If you only think about How Many Reps you need to do to build muscle or how many reps to burn fat or get cut instead of HOW to do the reps, then you’ll definitely missing the most important piece of the puzzle!

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