How NOT to Get Big Triceps (SKULLCRUSHERS!!)

Build bigger triceps by training the right way – like an athlete

If you want to get big triceps then you have to do skullcrushers, well at least according to lots of the bros in the gym. Not exactly. In this video, I’m going to show you how to build big triceps without ever doing a single nosebreaker or skullcrusher in your triceps workout. It’s time to start doing the lying triceps extension the right way so you can unlock some serious size in your triceps starting today.

The first problem with the nosebreaker exercise is the name itself. Just like the skullcrusher, the name implies that you will want to bring the ez curl bar or dumbbells down to your forehead or nose when performing the exercise. This is wrong. If you want to keep maximum tension on the triceps, particularly at peak contraction of the exercise, you’ll want to avoid bringing the bar to either of those destinations.

To perform the lying triceps extension exercise correctly, you have to begin with your arms straight and angled backwards from the vertical by about 45 degrees. By starting and finishing in this position you will put much more tension onto the muscles you are actually trying to build in the first place. The common end position of the skullcrusher actually places next to no stress on the triceps and therefore provides no stimulus for growth in that position.

With physics to support the argument, you never want your line of force to be parallel to the lever arm being acted upon by the muscle you are trying to build. In the best scenario, you’d find a way to keep peak tension on the triceps throughout the exercise by keeping the line of force perpendicular to the lever arm.

In this triceps exercise, while that is not possible when using free weights, you still want to try and increase that angle as much as you can. Never aim to bring the bar straight up over your chest, as you will have to if performing this tricep exercise with either the forehead or nose as the destination.

If you want to start building bigger triceps then you have to start training your arms the right way. Put the science back in strength and head to to get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. See how much faster you can build bigger arms and a complete athletic body by training like an athlete.

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