How To Build A Bigger & Fuller Chest! (MORE UPPER CHEST ACTIVATION!)


You can’t be afraid to try something new guys. If your chest has plateaued and is not growing, we need to introduce a new training stimulus in order to surpass that plateau. So for the next 4 weeks, I want you to make this superset your chest portion of your workouts TWO to maybe even THREE times a week (depending on fitness level).

By upping your overall volume of chest training to at least twice a week and combining some overload and volume into one set you can take advantage of multiple growth periods as well as mechanical tension and metabolic stress effectively.

Now remember, this shouldn’t be your ENTIRE workout. This is just the chest portion. So if you’re doing a PPL, Upper Lower, or 5 Day split, make sure you pair the other muscle groups accordingly.

(1:30) – 67% Faster Chest Growth! ONE PERFECT EXERCISE

(3:30)- BENCH: How To PICK UP & DUMP Heavy Dumbbells Safely! | NO SHOULDER PAIN!

(4:20) – OG Chest Workout –
Complete 6 – 8 SUPERSETS

Rest 2 – 3 minutes between SUPERSETS
(2:09)- Modified Bench Press – 6 – 8 REPS
(4:23)- Incline DB Bench PRESS – 8 – 10 REPS PER BURN

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How To Build A Bigger & Fuller Chest! (MORE UPPER CHEST ACTIVATION!)

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