How To Build Bigger Biceps Peaks - With 1 Simple Tip!

The peak of the bicep is generally referred to as the front lower portion, the part which peaks out of a t-shirt and can signify a well formed, big arm. I hear from guys all the time how they have problems developing peaks on their arms, but I think if you make just one or two tweaks to your workout program, this elusive “holy grail” of bodybuilding doesn’t have to be so elusive after all.

With one modification to grip (that most guys I see in the gym are NOT doing) the so called genetics that determine biceps peaks can become an excuse that doesn’t hold water. It’s quite possible to develop much more athletic looking arms…think Terrell Owens biceps…by doing some common everyday biceps exercises with a slight twist and modification to the form.

This one modification to form will start to literally reshape your biceps and give you arms that you thought were only reserved for the guys that do biceps workouts 5 times a week (Don’t do this guys…by the way!). Let me show you how to tweak your current biceps routine to build mountainous peaks on your arms in no time.

Celebrity fitness trainer and Men’s Fitness Magazine writer Jeff Cavaliere shows you how to build shirt splitting biceps with just a few classic exercises that are tweaked to increase their effectiveness tenfold! As only you could expect from AthLEAN-X, we take the ever boring routines that you are tired of watching elsewhere on youtube and make them not only more interesting…but results getting! Visit and get your complete AthLEAN-X Training System today!

An added tip to this bicep dumbell workout is to perform these curls in a hammer curl fashion, that is palms facing to the side, as opposed to facing up. This seems to target the peak even more specifically. By adding both regular and hammer curl you can increase variety in your killer peak bicep dumbell workout.

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