How To Build Bigger Biceps with the Athlean X Biceps Blast

Build Bigger Biceps Here:

Visit the brand new amped up and supercharged Athlean-X website now! From celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere to your home…all the greatest workouts to get you ripped in record time. This biceps workout is the best way for you to get “bigger biceps”, by using the right biceps exercises and more importantly, doing them the right way. The “AthLEAN-X Biceps Blast” workout consists of four exercises. The Straight Bar Biceps Curl, The Chin Up Biceps Squeeze, Tubing Biceps Curls (done in rapid fire fashion) and Dead Hang Biceps Curls. The key is to slow down the eccentric or lowering part of the biceps exercise. This is what builds strength and muscle. You also want to include bands AND free weights. The biceps workouts that are most effective for building “bigger biceps” need both. So start following Jeff’s “Biceps Blast” Workout for “building bigger biceps” and make sure to subscribe to this channel to be sure to get all the free workouts that are yet to come. Go to right now for more information!

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