How to BUILD MUSCLE all day long (most screw this up!)

Build muscle with ATHLEAN-X by getting every aspect of your training right

Most guys watch youtube videos on how to build muscle, and focus on the right workouts, best exercises and the meal plans to do it. The problem is, even if you get all of these things right, you still can ruin your hard work by messing up the anabolic window you get during sleep.

Sleep is the time during your day that you do the most muscle building. Yes, you do stimulate muscle growth with what you do during your workout, but the actual anabolic process occurs at night when you rest.

As I explain in this video, your natural growth hormone release occurs in peak amounts during your deep REM sleep. Failing to get a restful night’s sleep can sacrifice your ability to enter adequate deep sleep and severely limit your ability to build muscle. Beyond that, proper protein supplementation just before bed can help enormously in the pursuit of building muscle. Having the faster acting whey protein available to take advantage of the initial release of growth hormone and then following it with the slower acting casein protein is key for speeding up the process of building muscle.

In fact, poor pre-sleep nutrition and inadequate sleep are so important to muscle growth and size gains that even the best workout can be undone by not getting this right. That said, the best plan for you to build the most muscle is to sleep 6, 7 and a half, or 9 hours per night while making sure to take a blend of whey and casein protein just before bed.

Get your sleep right and you’ll find that your workouts will become that much more productive (as long as you’re not overtraining) and building muscle size will become easier. For a complete workout and nutrition program that provides you with a plan to get these results without sacrificing your recovery, then check out the ATHLEAN-X program at

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