How To Correct Uneven Muscle Growth!


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Believe it or not, most people suffer from some degree of uneven muscle growth. This could be due to always relying on your dominant side to perform everyday tasks throughout life. A stubborn body part that just won’t grow when compared to the rest of the body. Or, it could even be due to recovering from an injury that left you unable to exercise such as a broken arm or leg or a muscle tear.

Whatever the case might be, this video will show you how to implement FORCED REPS to help correct uneven muscle growth and push through your plateaus. I will also discuss a few other tips that you can apply to your current workout routine to maximize your gains!

(0:47)- How To Measure Your Gains! Arm, Chest, Shoulder, Waist, Hip, Thigh, Forearm, Calf, & Neck! (0:50)- What causes uneven muscle growth?
(1:45)- Introduce FORCED REPS into your routines to correct uneven muscle growth
(1:50)- What is a Forced Repetition?
(2:20)- Applying forced reps to a dumbbell curl
(4:18)- Applying forced reps to a barbell curl
(5:36)- Applying forced reps to dumbbell bench press
(7:03)- Applying forced reps to barbell bench press
(8:35)- Muscle Control
(9:20)- Lagging Body Parts
(9:36)- Implementing Forced Reps Into Your Workout Program
(9:52)- Do I need to add more sets / reps to my workouts?
(11:02)- If you need help or have questions, join us in the SHF FORUMS!

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