How To Do A Bodyweight Triceps Extension On A Smith Machine | Exercise Guide

Courtesy of Mike Hildebrandt.

About This Move: This exercise is a great choice to include in your routine to really target the triceps in a whole different way. This movement is unique because it uses your body weight and follows an unusual vector toward the bar.

By doing this exercise, you’ll notice that you can easily change the resistance by adjusting your feet, making it a great choice for supersets and dropsets. This exercise not only targets the triceps, but is great for core development since it requires your entire trunk to activate to maintain proper form.

Key Training Tip: Make sure you start close to the bar and position it fairly high to get comfortable with the movement. You should move back and lower the bar only when you’re able to complete your set without breaking form (which is typically broken at the core).

Keep your head neutral as you perform the movement, and try to keep your elbows tight without allowing them to flare out.

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