How To Do A Double Cable Kick-Back | Exercise Guide

Courtesy of Brandon Johnson.

About This Move: Most people perform kick-backs either with a dumbbell or using a single-arm cable from the low-pulley position. This exercise combines the benefits of both exercises into one movement! This is a great exercise to isolate the triceps and really focus on the peak contraction.

Kick-backs with dumbbells are great, but I often see people start to lean with their body or allow movement in their shoulder. Using cables allows you to better focus on just the triceps.

Key Training Tip: I like to set up the cables so that they’re slightly below where my hands will end in the flexed position. This lets me extend my arm in a more natural upward movement as I approach the end of the range of motion. Make sure you’re bent over about parallel with the ground, and of course avoid rounding your back.

Don’t worry about not being able to use a lot of weight with this exercise; the idea is to do slow, controlled reps, really focusing on the mind-muscle connection and the peak contraction.

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